What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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RubyGems vunlerability impact analysis: CVE-2022-29218
We analyzed the possible impact of a newly discovered RubyGems vulnerability that uses cache poisoning to implement an unauthorized takeover of new gem versions.
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A thread about Gusto’s newest #gradualmodularity (nah, I should say #bigrails) open source work: It is all about managing big Rails applications with a lot of people!
Have you ever wanted to accept payments in Rails? With Stripe Checkout, it's never been easier. Jeffrey Morhous shows us how.
In this post, I want to give a nuanced perspective on our experience porting YJIT from C to Rust. I'll talk about the positives, but also discuss the things that we found challenging or suboptimal in our experience.
The art of performance optimization is a bag of many tricks: query optimization, background processing, caching, lazy UI loading, and other techniques. Memoization is one trick in this bag of tricks.
Blast from the past

Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) can be a huge help to your team. Whether facilitating discussion or recording the Why, ADRs give you a way to understand and revisit team decisions.

Flaky tests can ruin your test suite, so you must quarantine them now. But then go on to solve their non-deterministic behavior.
Beyond Ruby
Time zone management and timestamp data types in PostgreSQL - learn how to use 'timestamp with time zone' correctly and optimize performance.

“Engineers who have worked on teams with a short delivery cycle are unwilling to ever work anywhere else again." Charity Majors talks high-performing teams.

Library of the week
Fast git handover for remote pair/mob programming.