What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Finding Relationships Between Ruby’s Top 100 Packages and Their Dependencies
As packages frequently depend on other packages, could some of these big (more than 180M downloads) packages depend on small (less than 180M downloads) packages?
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Nate Berkopec speaking about Sidekiq, Puma and the GVL for Kaigi on Rails 2022.
Learn how to supercharge your ViewComponent-based code with various techniques that we use in our projects at Evil Martians.
Every once in a while I come across the question “Where should I put my POROs in Rails?” In order to answer this question, I would actually zoom out and ask a broader question: How should we organize our files in Rails in general?
Takashi Kokubun speaking about Ruby 4 plans for Kaigi on Rails 2022.

Blast from the past
When it comes to error handling, it truly is a team sport.
Beyond Ruby
DevOps started as a well-intentioned set of practices and culture. Over the years, it has devolved into an unholy beast of division and tunnel vision. What happened to tearing down silos, increasing engineering velocity, and adding value? The things DevOps was supposed to do?
To benefit from iteration, feedback, incrementalism, experiment, and empiricism in software engineering, Dave Farley suggests we apply science in practical, real-world ways.

Library of the week
Puma 6 brings performance improvements for most applications, experimental Rack 3 support, support for Sidekiq 7 Capsules, and more.