What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Scaling Sidekiq at Gusto
Over the past year at Gusto, we’ve drastically changed how we approach Sidekiq in our main Rails monolith.  Our changes have reduced costs, reduced the number of outages, made it simpler for product engineers to use Sidekiq, and improved the customer experience.
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How to use Vite.js to manage assets in Rails 7 applications with a hybrid or fully Dockerized development environment
API design is hard. Learn how Keygen handles API versioning, and how we make changes even when that means breaking things.
At some point in growing a large-scale software system, you’ll require “out of band” context: data which is not explicitly passed as an argument to a function but rather implicitly attached to the request, job or event being processed.
Let's explore how Ruby manages memory, garbage collection, and how to uncover a leak, in the first of this two-part series on memory leaks in Ruby.
Learn the practical uses of Ruby's method_missing. You can use the method_missing method to handle errors, delegate methods and build DSLs.
Blast from the past
Upgrading Rails can often be difficult and risky! I'll be walking through the process my team took to safely upgrade to Rails 7.0. While this is going to be relatively Rails and Ruby specific, I hope you can take away something for software you are upgrading.
Governing the delivery effectively and improving engineering productivity plays a vital role in setting teams up for success. Read on to learn more about Thoughtworks' framework for engineering productivity governance.

Beyond Ruby
In performance work, I often find that work in the "middle" of the effort distribution lacks the effort-to-benefit ratio of the "low" and "high" effort ends.
Learn techniques for fast counting PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, including counting ahead of time and estimating counts.
Library of the week
RuboCop’s motto has always been “The Ruby Linter that Serves and Protects”. Now, with the addition of a server mode in RuboCop 1.31 that motto is truer than ever!