What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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How To Avoid Big Upfront Design
Big up-front design is dumb. No up-front design is dumber! So how do we get it right? How do we design great software?
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In this article, Ruby on Rails developers (and backend engineers in general) can learn to implement table partitioning in PostgreSQL databases and explore common problems and pitfalls.
Mocking or freezing time when testing your application? Ruby and JavaScript make it easy … until your database is involved. Here's a way to time travel in Postgres!

Leverage the power of the I/O table mindset to make your tests as maintainable and readable as possible.

An informal look at what makes encoding-aware strings in Ruby functional and performant, providing insight into all the wonderful things the Ruby VM does.
The Ruby programming language released version 3.1 back in December 2021. Among the changes was a big update to Psych version 4.0, Ruby’s built-in YAML interpreter. A major version change indicates incompatible changes, and version 4 sure does deliver on that promise.
Blast from the past
I perceive three barriers to the adoption of trunk-based-development in the teams that I work with…
  • The need for Code Review.
  • A cultural assumption that you only commit (to master/trunk) when work is complete.
  • A lack of confidence in automated tests.
Beyond Ruby

A collection of conflict resolution tips from personal experience in customer service.

I am still a relatively new engineer in the field of distributed systems, having only studied and worked in the field for around a decade, but in that time I believe I have learned to recognize some key “distsys shibboleths” that help me recognize when I can trust what a vendor or other engineer is telling me.
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