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Pull Requests—The Good, the Bad and Really, Not That Ugly
Recently, I stumbled upon an article on the disadvantages of pull requests—and immediately started writing a follow-up.
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Ensuring thread safety is critical if you want to build a performant Rails app. Unfortunately, threading-related bugs are often sneaky and only manifest in highly concurrent production environments. In this blog post, we'll discuss code examples that are not thread-safe.
There are many excellent authorization libraries for Rails, but did you know it's not that hard to build this functionality yourself? In this article, Renata Marques shows us how to use the Policy Object Pattern to implement access control in our Rails apps.
In this video, we're going to look at how to create a search form using Hotwire. Namely, we're going to filter the search results using Turbo Frames and we'll add a touch of StimulusJS for real-time filtering.
I recently worked on improving the inbound email analysis system in HEY. I had heard of a GitHub library called scientist years ago, and I thought this would be a good use case for it. Its tagline, "A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths", matched precisely what we needed.
This project made CRuby portable at executable file level by porting it to a standalone WebAssembly with WASI ABI.
Blast from the past
In Ruby, we often talk about "blocks". While not unique to Ruby, few mainstream languages have something I would consider equivalent and, to be frank, I think they're missing out.
Beyond Ruby
I have written a lot about the pendulum swing between engineering and management, so I often hear from people who are angsting about the transition.
Rapid growth of an engineering team poses its own challenges. One of them is keeping test suites healthy. In our newest podcast episode, we talk about that with Justin Searls, co-founder and CTO at Test Double.
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Gaining advanced insights from Git repository history