What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Code I like (I): Domain-driven boldness
One of the first things I did when I started working at 37signals almost three years ago was cloning the git repo for Basecamp. I poked around and stumbled upon a decease method on a Person::Tombstonable concern.

I would have expected something like replacing a person with a placeholder when removing it, but erecting a tombstone when deceasing a person was so much better. 
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It's the heyday of SaaS and webhooks are all the rage. Learn how to build a webhook system for your service using Rails and Sidekiq.
Add sprinkles of Javascript behavior with Stimulus controllers that run a few lines of code and then remove themselves from the page. Like inlined jQuery snippets but for the modern times!
This is a story of how I built a simple chat application with Hanami and Hotwire in a few hours. But why? - you may ask. I wanted to check a claim made by the Hotwire creators that it’s framework-agnostic and may be used outside of Rails. Read on to know what I have found.
Starting on June 13 2022, the maintainers of at least the top 100 RubyGems packages will begin to see warnings on the RubyGems command-line tool and website if MFA is not enabled on their accounts.
Routing is one of the basic components of any web application. In this episode I'll dig a bit into the Hanami router from the usage point of view, covering why it's great and how to work with it.
Blast from the past
How randomness solved a tricky bug.
How a mysterious stall in database queries uncovered a performance limitation with PostgreSQL.
Beyond Ruby
I’ve been working on a couple different assemblers for Ruby - Fisk and AArch64
We have been interviewing and hiring a pile of engineering directors at Honeycomb lately. In so doing, I’ve had some fascinating conversations with engineering managers who have been trying unsuccessfully to make the leap to director.
Library of the week
I just released Sidekiq 6.5 and I’ve got a lot of changes on the roadmap for Sidekiq 7.0. Here’s what’s coming soon so you can plan too.