What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Hi! Emmanuel here with updates from Rails over the last week.
Join me, friend, as I fall all the way down the rabbit hole exploring all the ways you can implement an enumerated type in Rails, depending on your version of Rails, the capabilities of your database, and your requirements and tastes!
A Redis ORM for reactive applications. Quacks just like Active Record. 🦆

Learn about HTTP caches, how Faraday middleware work, and how to use them to automagically start caching API calls.
An investigation into Ruby’s C, stdlib, interfaces, libraries, tooling, and ecosystem into what, exactly, Ruby thinks a Boolean is.
Blast from the past
I’ll make you a bet.

Tell me how your dev and ops teams work together, and I’ll tell you what your CI/CD pipeline looks like.
Learn about vanity metrics. What are vanity metrics? How do you identify them? And how do you replace them with better KPIs?

Beyond Ruby
One of the most common decisions that Ruby deployments get wrong is the number of web server processes they deploy per server. It's often too many, leading to extremely bad behavior under heavy load. Or, it's too few: that leads to high bills and low utilization. It's a tough ratio to get right, but an important one.
Continuing the Get off Big Tech series, Eric Newbury shares steps to develop your own personal cloud.
Library of the week
Ruby, OSS and the Internet.