What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Your first A/B test with Rails
A/B testing in Rails to improve user experience in your application.
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Active Support is a really powerful library that is a part of Rails framework. Today we will focus on utilities it includes, which can be useful in your next Rails project or any other Ruby app.
Rails 7 has added the ability to transform a Ruby hash into HTML attributes for ERB interpolation by using the ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper#tag_options implementation.
The 5 “rules” I try to follow in order to write simple RSpec tests.
If you’d like to keep your finger on the pulse in the Ruby world, here’s a list of Rubyists you can follow.
Blast from the past
Use the Ruby gems ahoy and blazer to track user metrics, usage patterns, and get the most out of your new application features.
  • It measures, quantifies, or describes a thing in the domain.
  • It can be maintained as immutable.
  • It models a conceptual whole by composing related attributes as an integral unit.
  • It is completely replaceable when the measurement or description changes.
  • It supplies its collaborators with Side-Effect-Free Behavior
Beyond Ruby
A collection of all my writing on 1:1s

In case it's unclear, ask your manager whether you're expected to monitor Slack, which rooms, what response time, etc. You might be surprised to find they don't want you stressing about it all day, either.
Repository of the week
After two years of work, presenting a reviolutionary new vision for Hanami 2.0.