What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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One Weird Trick That Will Speed Up Your Bundle Install
Brian John shares a tip to speed up your bundle install.
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Before Rails 7.0, to add encryption on attributes of ActiveRecord models, we had to use third-party gems like lockbox which served the purpose but at the cost of an additional dependency.
Explanation of how routes in Rails work under the hood.
Sometimes you don’t have the choice but to use a good old’ cron job for backups, credit renewals, and other time constrained tasks. We will study 3 Ruby solutions to schedule tasks: Whenever, sidekiq-cron and sidekiq-scheduler.

This article will discuss the best HTTP clients in Ruby. Faraday, HTTParty, Rest-client...it can be hard to choose the best one.

In this article we introduce you to a different kind of linters, those implemented by various Ruby libraries.

Blast from the past
A retrospective of the last two years where we adopted --squash as our default merge strategy for git branches.
Beyond Ruby

At GitHub, we improve existing features and work on new ones all the time, so we use feature flags to ship faster and to lower the risk of deployments.

A discussion of Gerald Weinberg's 'Prescott's Pickle Principle', and it's meaning within Test Double.

Repository of the week
Recreational Ruby tools for graphics and geometry.