What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Under Deconstruction: The State of Shopify’s Monolith
It’s been 18 months since we talked about our Rails modular monolith. We lay out the current state of the work, and things we’d do differently if we started again.
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Welcome to the first alpha release of Rails 7. It brings some very exciting new answers to how we do JavaScript, an awesome approach to at-work encryption with Active Record, SQL query origin logging, asynchronous query loading, exclusive autoloading through Zeitwerk, and much more.
Build a search-as-you-type text box with Turbo, Stimulus, and Rails.
We’re going to start building a JIT for Ruby from the ground up. First, we’ll learn how Ruby’s virtual machine works, then talk about the CPU itself. Finally we’ll start building a JIT for Ruby in Ruby. This session is on September 30th at 2 PM PT.
Ruby’s pattern matching support, introduced experimentally in 2.7, is a lot more powerful than you may expect. All you need is to replace when with in and your case statements become capable of matching against anything.
In this article we will discuss and demonstrate how we can use Ruby to encode UUIDs into URL friendly representations.
Blast from the past
A common question I am asked, "How big should the team be?" My immediate response: Seven plus or minus three. There is a not a lot of hard theory behind this guideline, just common sense.
A PostgreSQL database can have two billion “in-flight” unvacuumed transactions before PostgreSQL takes dramatic action to avoid data loss. How can you make sure you're notified early enough?
Beyond Ruby
Are you joining a new company, and the codebase is massive and scary? Are you freaking out because you are not sure how to get started at a new developer job? Here is a list of strategies to help you be more confident.
One big giant blob of words is hard – and tedious – to read. Let’s get back to elementary school and see how we can improve this.
Gem of the week
Propshaft is an asset pipeline library for Rails. It's goal is to provide a simpler and faster asset pipeline compared to previous options, like Sprockets.