What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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How to build a search engine with Ruby on Rails: Introducing the Whereable design pattern
Implementing search in your Rails app can be vexing. Here's a great pattern to use that combines the best parts of ActiveRecord and Postgres.
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Introducing a k6 plugin to load test WebSockets and instrumenting the application under test with Yabeda, Prometheus and Grafana
Here are three tactics I use to keep my Rails controllers organized.
After much experimentation, I believe we now have a solid answer for Rails 7
A little combination math goes a long way to catching edge cases.
Today I want to share some existing ideas that TruffleRuby uses for how to implement objects in Ruby, that we think could be applied in MRI or other implementations of Ruby.
Blast from the past
Comments are rubber duck debugging on steroids, except you are not talking with a rubber duck, but with the future reader of the code, which is more intimidating than a rubber duck, and can use Twitter.
Refusing to deploy into production on Fridays indicates a lack of confidence in the workflow.

Beyond Ruby

Ship/Show/Ask is a branching strategy that helps teams wait less and ship more, without losing out on feedback.

Gem of the week
Automated code reviews via mutation testing.