What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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The time is right for Hotwire
If you've been beyond-the-SPA curious, now is a great time to checkout the alternative answers offered by Hotwire. And if you want to taste it as part of a fully-integrated omakase menu, Rails 7 offers it. Enjoy!
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We’re almost ready to declare Rails 7 done! The feedback since the first alpha release has been wonderful, we’ve eliminated a slew of issues, and we’ve seen Basecamp, HEY, GitHub, and Shopify all run in production on this alpha series.
Rails Event store is a storage of events. Optimize operations to be as fast as possible. We can only read the history of events and add new events. 
Classes depend on each other all the time. But the way you tie those classes together will determine how hard it is to change your code. Dependency injection can help you reduce that coupling and reduce your cost of change.
Can AI be really useful in code writing? If so, how?..
Blast from the past
At Shopify, we’ve developed our own patterns in order to support our global platform. Before coming here, I've developed multiple Ruby (and Rails) applications at multiple growth stages. Because of that, I quickly came to appreciate some workarounds and automation that were created to support the large codebase of Shopify.
What follows is a running list of all the programming tips I can think of that are worth sharing. Many of these tips may seem so obvious they go without saying, but every single one of these tips is here because I’ve seen programmers fail to take advantage of these tips on multiple occasions.
Beyond Ruby
Get better at detecting and preventing bugs by focusing on the boundaries in and around your program.
Whenever you find yourself arguing for improving infrastructure by yanking up complexity, you need to be verycareful.

"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability." -- Edsger W. Dijkstra:
Gem of the week
New API for Content Security Policy, Router helpers from actions, CLI enhancements.