What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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How to Make a Gem of a Gem
Want to know how to make a Ruby gem? Here's how! Want to ensure it's maintainable, easy-to-use, and well tested? This talk covers that too!
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Here's a fast way to add full text search across multiple AR models using the PgSearch and Scenic gems, while also surfacing a distinct domain concept in your Rails application.
In this episode, we look at several issues around pagination and different kinds of querying that could affect performance when working with large datasets. 
We learn why Chris loves his new Mac, installing issues on a new M1 Mac, issues with Sass, and the abandoned Ember CLI Rails gem.
Kelly Sutton, engineer at Gusto, with Nate Berkopec, author of Sidekiq in Practice.
Blast from the past
Hate is a strong word, but I do dislike pull requests, and I have good reasons for doing so. Here are eight reasons why.

If you use an object-oriented domain model, and you don't put behavior in your objects, you're missing out on most of the benefits of that pattern.

Beyond Ruby
One of the most common questions about testing, including what to write tests for, is what NOT to write tests for. When people ask me what to write tests for, my honest but maybe not very helpful answer is “basically everything”.
Limit alternatives for any class of technology to: one default, one in trial, and one retiring.
Gem of the week
I’m happy to announce the general availability of Sidekiq 6.3 here at Rubyconf 2021! Since Sidekiq 6.2 in March we’ve passed 110 million downloads on Rubygems.org and added a number of nice new features. Let’s dive in!