What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Rails Monolith Modularisation with CQRS
The method of breaking down Rails applications into more manageable modules supported by the CQRS (Command and Query Responsibility Segregation) pattern.
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Walk through setting up Action Cable messages that are received by a React Component hooked up to Redux Toolkit.

There’s 3 things I’m going to talk about that have been used to improve the scalability of a Rails application.
1. Make the Rails application modular
2. Create a clear dependency graph
3. Enforce the boundaries between those separate modules
time_up is a new Ruby gem for managing timers to measure your code's performance.
Less memory, faster, easy to install and security-patch via APT/YUM.

Blast from the past
You have a Rails monolith and want to add new functionality. Do you continue adding to the monolith or create a new service? What if there’s a third option?
Beyond Ruby
The best designers employ specific habits, learned practices, and observed principles when they work. Here are a few of them.
A lot of people think remote and distributed management is hard. One of the few times I’ve caught myself saying “I wish we could just work together in person for a couple weeks” is when I’m helping new folks onboard and ramp up.