What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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One row, many threads: How to avoid database duplicates in Rails applications
A primer on avoiding duplicates in database tables that back your multi-threaded Rails applications with runnable examples.
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Looking at the last several months of job postings on RailsGigs, one can argue that React is now a de facto part of the Ruby on Rails stack.
Maybe you are already familiar with includes or preload, but you know that a lot of the time you will need more than just preload(:comments).
I found what may be a memory leak in Hash#transform_keys! in version 3.0.2.
Magic code can be slow. It can be hard to read, and it can be really hard to follow if you didn’t write it. I do wonder if we’ve over-corrected a little, so I’m pushing metaprogramming a little bit on my side project.
Blast from the past
Refactoring some code so that the lines that call and unpack data from an external service are separated into clear objects.
Fun fact: the Heroku API consumes more endpoints than it serves. Our availability is heavily dependent on the availability of the services we interact with, which is the textbook definition of when to apply the circuit breaker pattern.
Beyond Ruby
This post belongs in the ‘highly speculative’ category. It contains ideas that I’ve yet to flesh out and properly pin down. Reader beware!
Exploring seven common leadership scenarios.
Gem of the week
Provide a rich Terminal UI that visualizes everything your need, navigates your program with pleasure, stops at matter places only, reduces manual and mental efforts. You can now focus on real debugging.