What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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How to Build a Webhook System in Rails Using Sidekiq
It's the heyday of SaaS and webhooks are all the rage. Learn how to build a webhook system for your service using Rails and Sidekiq.
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I did a deep dive into the existing database encryption solutions in the Rails ecosystem. I learned good things from them all, but I couldn’t find one that matched our vision in terms of features and design. Ultimately, this was going to be a critical piece of HEY, so we decided to develop in-house without finding a perfect match.
Authentication is at the heart of most web development, yet it is difficult to get right. In this article, Diogo Souza discusses common security problems with authentication systems and how you can resolve them.
The query, cache, code, feature flag, graph and point: control your code, even the tiny bits.
Nate Berkopec is the author of the Complete Guide to Rails Performance, the creator of the Rails Performance Workshop, and the maintainer of Puma. He talks with Steph about being known as "The Rails Speed Guy," and how he ended up with that title, publishing content, working on workshops, and also contributing to open source projects.
Blast from the past
First, as soon as I got to work I realized the night shift had set the linked list up backwards. Doh! I quickly went to the whiteboard to figure out how to reverse it. This won’t be a problem much longer as our team is switching to a double-ended linked list soon.
The origins of the term "blue-green deployment".
Beyond Ruby
Git is a version control system with robust underlying principles, and yet, novice users are terrified of it. When they make a mistake, many would rather delete and re-clone the repository than try to fix it. Even proficient users can find wading through the reflog tedious.
Schema migrations are tricky, especially when planned downtime is not an option. Plenty has been written on how to this right but one pattern I haven’t seen mentioned often is using views.
Repository of the week
Introducing AnyCable Pro. The fast and robust drop-in extension for Action Cable aimed at Rails and pure Ruby projects adds commercial features on top of the open codebase.