What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Custom "cops" for RuboCop: an emergency service for your Ruby code
Learn to write custom rules for RuboCop, test them, and extract into a gem for reuse.
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Foreign Data Wrappers is a fantastic feature of PostgreSQL that allows you to query against external data sources.
High level overview about how bootsnap and spring work.

Write Boolean expressions using operators instead of if/else for a more readable outcome.

Let's dive into how we ported the original Ruby Regexp engine to the browser!
Blast from the past
A guide to effective pair-programming.
Beyond Ruby
When I started with Clojure, I saw a language. Some people, when they look at it, they only see a weird syntax. It took me years to realize that in truth Clojure is a philosophy. The language embodies it, the ecosystem embraces it and grows from it, you the developer eventually soak it up.
Confessions of a serial startup software developer.
Repository of the week
Configuring projects and components is one of the most common features in programming in general.