What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Use Event emitter in Ruby
Event emitter is so close to the observer pattern. It works the same: something emits an event, another object listens the event and execute the code.
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We wrote a script that will allow us to produce “inital” events so new services can quickly pick up current state. Idea was also to have an easy way to “reset” if something goes out of sync

Needs a simple decorator for your Rails application? Build your own solution that is faster and allocates less objects than Draper does

An intuitive 2D game engine. Fast, xplat, tiny, hot loaded.

A story of using Ruby to glue together system tools

Beyond Ruby
This question has haunted me for years. And it seems I’m not alone. Many people experience this same insecurity. They desire to know if they’ve made it. Are they finally good enough?
When we talk about things going wrong, often the first question we want to answer is how exactly they went wrong. This is especially true in the world of software.

Blast from the past
More people who are new to Ruby are getting into TDD and BDD thanks to the wonderful tools like RSpec and Cucumber that make it easy for them to do so
Gem of the week
Graphiti makes RESTful Resources a first-class concept. This enables reading and writing a graph of data in a single request, a schema with backwards-compatible guarantee, end-to-end integration test patterns, seamless microservices and much more