What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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The Sounds of Silence: Lessons from an 18 hour API outage
Sometimes applications are behaving "normally" along strict definitions of HTTP statuses but under the surface, something is terribly wrong. In 2017, Checkr's most important API endpoint went down for 12 hours without detection. In this talk I'll talk about this incident, how we responded and explore how we've hardened our systems today with simple monitoring patterns.
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Selenium! Capybara! Webdriver! chromedriver! …there are a LOT of moving parts in Rails system tests. Let’s break it down, layer by layer.
A new Rails 6 application will install both Webpacker and Sprockets by default. Don't they solve the same problem? This article dives into why Sprockets lives on even though webpack has surpassed most of its features and why you might want to choose one over the other.
MRI Ruby's Global VM Lock: frequently mislabeled, misunderstood and maligned. Does the GVL mean that Ruby has no concurrency story or CaN'T sCaLe? To understand completely, we have to dig through Ruby's Virtual Machine, queueing theory and Amdahl's Law. Sounds simple, right?

Learn how to write tests so they’re easy to read and your colleagues will thank you.

What is its vision, its importance to the community, and how to stay a viable and healthy project?
Knowing how to write fast code is useful, but insufficient without knowing how to fix slow code. Let’s talk about the approaches that we can use to find slow code, fix it, and prove that our new solution is faster. 
Beyond Ruby
What is a “defect”?
“Well, when it doesn’t work like we expect it to. Like we agreed it should.”
Trust me, you didn’t specify how it works. That’s my job, as a developer.
When your boss asks you what you did this week, how do you answer her? Do you look at your calendar for what meetings you attended? Do you search your git history for what commits you made? Do you look at your Jira board and see what issues you resolved?
Uber developed Piranha to seamlessly delete code related to obsolete feature flags, leading to improved developer productivity and a cleaner codebase.
Blast from the past
This time I’d like to start talking about the building blocks of Domain Driven Design, and how they can be used for modeling.
While much of PostgreSQL's praise is certainly well-deserved, the lack of meaningful dissent left me a bit bothered. No software is perfect, so exactly what are PostgreSQL’s imperfections?
Repository of the week
A web server agnostic rack middleware for defining and applying rewrite rules. In many cases you can get away with Rack::Rewrite instead of writing Apache mod_rewrite rules.