What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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RubyOnRails testing antipatterns
When preparing our test suite we might be tempted to make some shortcuts that will render our tests less readable, comprehensible or will significantly decrease the flexibility of further implementation

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Nil... What is it, really? Well, nil is just a Ruby object.

Briefly, the Strategy pattern is most useful when you want to provide multiple ways of processing a request, without hard-coding knowledge about those different methods into the object that handles the request


In this part we’ll show how to do direct uploads to S3 or your app on the client side, as well as how to handle large uploads.

One of the biggest advantages of using Elasticsearch it is because it’s fast even if you have very complex documents with many attributes coming from different models

Beyond Ruby

Use inheritance to extend the behavior of your classes”. This concept is one of the most widespread, yet wrong and dangerous in OOP. Do yourself a favor and stop using it right now

I’ve been writing software in a professional setting for a long time. Thirteen+ years and four companies (Microsoft, Google, Sumo Logic, and now Leap.ai) later, I’ve summarized the Code Quality Ladder

Blast from the past
I broke Discourse yesterday. Not in the “its just a little bit broken sense”. Instead, in the absolutely everything is broken and every page returns a 500 error code, sense.

Gem of the week
A Rails Engine for admin dashboard

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