What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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RubyKaigi and the Path to Ruby 3
At RubyKaigi in Fukuoka, Japan, Matz spoke at length about Ruby 3—the next major version of the Ruby programming language, scheduled for release on Christmas of 2020.
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How to catch up with the teams at Basecamp, Shopify, and GitHub who are already running Rails 6 in production.
If you’re running a production application, you need metrics. There are some great paid products out there that allow you to gain visibility into how your application is performing. You can save a few bucks by using Prometheus with Grafana and hosting them yourself.
A guide to Ruby 2.6's function composition and how its new operators work.
How to create a temporary file inside your operating system temporary folder and have it deleted automatically.
Beyond Ruby
Junior developers are often ignored when inviting engineers to review code, due to a perceived lack of extensive knowledge or expertise. But involving such a fresh pair of eyes, however junior, can greatly benefit you, your team and your code. 
Loads of information, interactions, conversations with peers, stickers, t-shirts and sock swags, good food, selfie with Tenderlove(But at what Cost…?), and many more…
Blast from the past
Whether you use puts or a fully fledged debugger these tricks will help you out in sticky situations.
Gem of the week
Analytics for Rails - track visits and events in Ruby, JavaScript, and native apps.