What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Rails 6 boot sequence
Have you ever wondered how your Rails application boots? I mean, when you execute rails server, what happens?

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We'll learn by doing, to add 2FA security feature to your user's authentication API in Ruby on Rails.

Rails defaults can lead you astray when creating enum attributes. This guide will show you an easier and less error-prone way that leverages custom enum types in Postgres.

What's the difference between concurrency and parallelism and how do we achieve both in Ruby?

Let’s learn about singleton_class with an example.
Beyond Ruby
In this article I’ll dive into three areas where seniors provide the most value, namely mentoring, acceleration and perspective. 
Wanna know my experience of getting introduced to elixir after working with Ruby and Rails for more than 2.5 years?

Blast from the past
Are you brave enough to try test && commit || revert ?

Why basing your product on a lame technology is good and how startups outperform big players with boring technology.

Gem of the week
Automatically add foreign key constraints to your rails db.