What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Rails 6.0 finally released!
Action Mailbox, Action Text, Multiple DBs, Parallel Testing, Webpacker by default, and Zeitwerk
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How to setup an app with multiple databases in Rails 6 and deploy it to Heroku.
In this post, you will see how Active Storage really works from the inside.
In this post I want to share our learnings about what to do with the 100,000 requests that fail each day.
With the help of bundler and the rubygems repository, it’s actually very easy to get the gems age.
Or how impossible problems can become possible when given no other choice.
Inspired by Python’s multiprocessing module I began to think about the parallelism in Ruby. Of course, there are several ways to get closer, but in this post I’ll try to focus on the “Process” class.
Beyond Ruby
 I spend considerable effort making it possible not only to implement a test I want, but to make that test easy to read, to write, to run, and to debug.
Virtual team building is tough. Here are 7 ways you can build social connection in a remote team, even from afar.
Blast from the past
How to use ActiveRecord's NullRelation.

I hate calendars. Each morning, I wake with ambitions of what I might accomplish. The possibilities are infinite! That is, of course, until I open my calendar.
Gem of the week
Versions from 1.6.10 to 1.6.13 briefly contained malicious code, be sure to check your exposure!