What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Rails 5.2: Active Storage and beyond
See what's new in Rails 5.2 and try its brand new Active Storage framework for file uploads with our detailed hands-on guide. Also covering Credentials, Current singleton, CSP configuration, Bootsnap.

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Today instead of working on CPU profilers, I took the day to experiment with a totally new idea! My idea at the beginning of the day was – what if you could take an arbitrary Ruby process’s PID and start tracking its memory allocations?

I am passionate about Ruby, but its execution time compared to other languages is extremely high, especially when we want to use more complex algorithms. In general, data structures in interpreted languages become incredibly slow compared to compiled languages


We are pleased to announce the open source release of the Fast JSON API gem geared towards Ruby on Rails applications

Thanks to the recent changes with how Chrome handles the Google-owned .dev TLD, it is no longer recommended to run Ruby on Rails apps with Pow in development in OSX/macOS.
Beyond Ruby
Years ago a number of developers had the collective thought experiment “what if we took Ruby-like syntax and wrote a fast-as-C, general-purpose, typed language that (like C/C++) compiles to native binaries on any platform but keeps high level goodies like a rich standard library, full fibers support, etc?”

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Well, it’s the one we’ve been waiting for, anyway. It’s the 4th annual StackShare Awards!

Blast from the past
Last week I wrote a blog entitled The Startup Trap in which I lamented the unfortunate tendency of developers in a startup to cast their disciplines aside in order to maintain the “high” generated by the illusion that effort is speed. I specifically mentioned TDD as one of those disciplines that startup developers sometimes eschew

Gem of the week
Automatic detecting missing I18n translations tool.

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