What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Quick and Dirty Tracking of Sidekiq Queue Latency in New Relic
In any queueing system, the most important metric is usually how long the average unit of work spends waiting in the queue to be serviced. Time spent in the queue is wasted time; just waiting for processing. Nobody likes waiting in line.
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This covers the joys and pains of a fully functional webhook system. Along the way I practice shower driven development to solve my problems.
Most devs quickly stop using Rails built-in generators. This is a pity, as generators can help improve team productivity - we just need to tweak them. In this post, we'll explore customising the rake task generator.
As developers, we spend way more time maintaining and changing code than we do writing it. By optimizing for change through SOLID design principles, we can avoid a lot of pain. In this article, Milap Neupane introduces us to SOLID, explains each principle in-depth, and shows us how to apply them.

Ruby is known for its many handy methods. I’d like to take a look at one that is a little bit less known, but quite powerful nonetheless: the #grep method.

Blast from the past
In this article, I will talk about the things I have learned over the years to make my professional life compatible with my private life.
Friday deploys will happen whether you want them to or not. Extenuating circumstances will at some point demand that you deploy during undesirable times. If that’s the case, a mature engineering organization must be well practiced to do so.
Beyond Ruby
What if we just assumed we might have two of everything?
Repository of the week
A performance dashboard for Postgres.