What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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On Writing Software Well
I’ve begun a new YouTube series called On Writing Software Well where I explore the real Basecamp codebase in search of interesting programming topics. It’s less “here’s how to do it” and more “here’s what I was thinking when we made this choice or took this direction”.

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Pry has always been about digging through code — whether you’re debugging or trying to understand a code base. One of the more powerful commands for achieving this is show-source

Arrays are one of the fundamental structures of programming. Being able to quickly manipulate and read data out of them is vital to success in building stuff with computers. Here are six methods you can’t do without

After four months of work we are happy to announce the first major release of Surrealist. In this post we will walk through new features since 0.1.0


At Scripbox, we continuously strive to keep our CI pipelines quick. If not for this speed, it would be impossible to ship code to production multiple times a day, with minimal errors

How to setup and use logging mechanism for your background jobs - tutorial with code examples based on Sidekiq and Ruby on Rails.

Beyond Ruby

This article, is all about the mistakes we made in the past, poor decision making and slow process of understanding the approach to project management that really works for us

Domain models are representations of meaningful real-world concepts pertinent to sphere of knowledge, influence or activity (the “domain”) that need to be modelled in software. Doman models can represent concrete real-word objects, or more abstract things like meetings and incidents

Blast from the past
For a long time I had a vague feeling that I should be contributing to open source more, and that it was in some way a Good Thing. And I felt a little bit guilty about not doing it enough

Gem of the week
An opinionated way of organizing front-end code in Ruby on Rails, based on components

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