What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Nate Berkopec optimizing a Rails app using New Relic, Live!
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Extract common clauses when using Active Record’s .or method.

Here are the results of our State of Testing in Rails apps survey results. I have distilled the most interesting numbers for your reading pleasure and efficiency.
Factory Bot offers a number of features to make test setup more convenient and less repetitive. Among these features is transient attributes.
Maybe. Ruby 3's killer features need implementation in libraries, and perf will probably be the same as 2.7.
How to profile and optimize Ruby code and C extension.
Beyond Ruby
Since the advent of the software industry, most engineering teams have seen productivity as a black box. Only recently have people even begun to build internal tools that optimize performance.
How to free space without dropping indexes or deleting data.

SELECT ('{"a": 1}'::jsonb)['a'];
Repository of the week
The "easy-peasy" dynamic sorting pattern for ActiveRecord that your Rails apps deserve.