What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Is Ruby Too Slow for Web Scale?
Is there such a thing as a fast enough web application? Just how important is performance when choosing a web framework or even a programming language for a web application?
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RSpec is a very expressive testing framework with many great features and helpers to make tests readable. When writing RSpec tests, here are just a few not so obvious hints that could make tests even easier to write, read, and maintain.

In Rails 5 each migration class is inherited from `ActiveRecord::Migration[5.0]`. It looks quite unusual to see that `[5.0]` part at the end of the parent class. In this article I'll describe why we might need it and how it works.

Let's leverage Postgres for generating fast CSV responses. By using the COPY command, we can stream the results of our complex query directly to STDOUT in CSV format.

Beyond Ruby
5 reasons to blog as a programmer

Blast from the past
A proposed set of fees for committing various programming transgressions. Payment is due at the time of code review.
Gem of the week
Manage your apps Content Security Policy and HSTS headers using the secure headers gem.
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