What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Integration & Unit Tests with TDD in Rails
Using Test Driven Development to build a new feature.
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Inheritance is often frowned upon, because of the banana and jungle metaphor. In some scenarios, it can be a viable alternative to modules composition for sharing behavior. In this tutorial, I will describe a practical use case where using abstract base class pattern plays well with Ruby on Rails controllers layer.
I currently work on a Rails 6 application using PostgreSQL so I needed a workflow that would allow me to build and test a Rails 6 application using GitHub actions.
A pretty popular opinion in the Ruby on Rails community is that default_scopes should not be used for any reason. However, often it's not fully explained why default_scopes are harmful.
Working in Ruby on Rails for the first time can seem a bit daunting. But the magic of Ruby DSLs has proven to be more than just hocus pocus.

Beyond Ruby
Gusto is reflecting on how we observe our own activity and results.. What do we do next? And how do we decide? Our conversation got me thinking.
Code in production is the only code that matters. Staging doesn’t matter, code on your laptop doesn’t matter, QA doesn’t matter, only production matters. Everything else is debt.
Blast from the past
I use naming, isolation, and noise-filtering as strategies to keep the coder's intention at my fingertips.
A summary of the observability movement over the past three years.
Repository of the week
A workbook repository of example test smells and what to do about them.