What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Fixing the Dependency Confusion Vulnerability in 600+ Ruby Apps
How Shopify solved the dependency confusion vulnerability in over 600 Ruby applications and created tailored large-scale migration tooling to make it easier.
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Progressively enhance your server-generated forms with Stimulus.
This article will cover the most important aspects that you need to know to get your Ruby on Rails application from version 6.1 to version 7.0. 
In Poland, just like in many other countries, there are regions where dialects are used rather than “the pure” form of the language, and so in my city, we have our own dialect. What does it have to do with Rails and Ruby though? Good question.
Dependency Injection is an extremely useful programming technique and can be easily implemented in Ruby. Mastering it is an important skill to leverage the power of Hanami applications.
Blast from the past
Postmortems, COEs, incident reports. Whatever your organization calls them, when done right they are a popular and effective way of formalizing the process of digging into system failures, and driving change.
Beyond Ruby
A good full-stack framework should help you solve ALL the problems you need to build something like turntable.fm quickly, and then iteratively make it more powerful. Live updates are no longer optional, and a solo full stack developer should be able to deliver on these features with the same productivity of a CRUD Rails app in 2010.
Should you have multiple work streams on your team? If so, how many? How do you balance long and short-term priorities? How should you handle unplanned work? What about on-call? How big should your team be?
Gem of the week
Here are my notes on writing a Rust gem extension