What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Adding Read Replicas in a Production Ruby on Rails App with Zero Downtime
When query, schema and index optimizations aren’t enough to support the load of a high throughput database system, fundamental changes in how data flows through that system are often necessary.
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Rails 6 adds a deprecation warning for where.not as NOR and will change in Rails 6.1 to NAND.
I've been trying on and off to enjoy Ruby on Rails development on Windows for many years. I was doing Ruby on Windows as long as 13 years ago.
This is part of my Sidekiq “reliability list”.

Fixing production bugs can be a wild ride. Recently, we found a critical issue that led down a rabbit hole of Ruby web server startup sequences.
Beyond Ruby
Developing using pull requests and feature branches, even when those are short lived, is easier for individual contributors but overall a suboptimal strategy for a team.
“I can write that. Why aren’t I a senior?”
Blast from the past
Technical debt is hard to quantify. You are unable to objectively measure how it weighs against your productivity. It's also very difficult to accurately predict the budget needed to pay down debt in an area of the code base when it's feeling overwhelming.
ActiveRecord#merge is a great way to reduce the duplication in your code to continue relying on the named scopes you define in your models.
Gem of the week
💎 Artichoke is a Ruby made with Rust.