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Accelerating Services at Airbnb by Building a Blazing Fast Thrift Binding for Ruby
Introducing Sparsam, Airbnb’s implementation of Thrift Serializer in Ruby. Sparsam is up to 25x faster than the old Thrift Ruby Binding in serialization, and up to 8x faster in deserialization

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Over the past year at BigCommerce, we've begun using gRPC for our internal services. We believe gRPC provides the standardization and performance benefits that will greatly benefit our organization

In this blog post I will show how to implement a support vector machine (SVM) in Ruby, and how to use it to solve a simple classification problem


Based on my experience I’ve built a list of skills that, in my opinion, every junior Ruby on Rails developer should have to not only build software, but also to be valuable part of the team and have an impact on the product

When most people think of the performance issues of a large object graph, they think about the cost to query the information out of the database. Our issue was Active Model Serializers which had mediocre caching and wouldn’t use the eagerly loaded associations.
Beyond Ruby

I decided then to write up the practices that I think lift a newly minted software engineer from amateur to professional

Before I became a software engineer, I thought that the most important part of the job would be coding. I was wrong. The most important (and hardest) part of software engineering is working well with other humans

Blast from the past
The Command and Control form of management is based on military management. Primarily, the idea is that people do what you tell them to do, and if they don’t, you yell at them until they do.

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gRPC Ruby Framework

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