What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Working Around ActiveRecord Callbacks
Here's a pragmatic strategy for getting things done when excessive ActiveRecord callbacks are getting in your way.
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Use synvert snippets to automatically rewrite ruby code for a smoother upgrade path to Rails 5.
Quick, easy to understand topo on how Javascript works in a Rails 6 application — Webpacker, Yarn and Sprockets.

In an earlier project we had a few affiliate partners with a deep desire to interact with our system in an automated fashion. Everything was rosy until we met some internal hard to debug errors in our end because of the missing or wrong data we received.
Ruby never stops improving! Version 2.7 is around the corner with new features & methods. It's scheduled for release on December 25, 2019.
The idea behind it is very simple: wrap your happy path in a block which you would execute only if all validations are ok.
Beyond Ruby
The 2020 Cloud Report compares AWS, GCP, and Azure on microbenchmarks and customer-like-workloads to understand the performance tradeoffs within each cloud.
From combining emoji marks and astral planes, Unicode is under appreciated and poorly understood. One lesser known attack vector is Unicode Case Mapping Collisions— an edge case that many of the best devs don't understand— even at Github.
Blast from the past
One of the things I love about pairing as much as I am lately is how often people ask me, "Why?" This simple question is often followed by a moment of panic as I realize I don't have a lucid explanation, followed (sometimes) by a thrill because the time has finally come when I can articulate why I do something the way I've been doing it for years.
In Ward Cunningham’s original formulation, Technical Debt was the accumulated distance between your understanding of the domain and the understanding that the system reflects. We all start out with some understanding of a problem, and we write code to solve that problem. But, we learn as we go.
Gem of the week
JSON Schema tools and doc generation for HTTP APIs