What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Why RSpec Tests Fail (and How To Fix Them)
Knowing how to troubleshoot tests is an essential software skill.

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Re-use collection query logic within model instances to avoid duplication and get the best performance.
If our development environment is not set up to raise exceptions, there could be bugs lurking!
In this blog post, we'll talk about our favorite new (experimental) features of Ruby 2.7 in the few months we've been running it in production.
Ruby and Rails developers: adding style linters to your legacy projects is harder than it should be. Let’s do something about that.

ruby/spec is a test suite for the behavior of the Ruby programming language. The utility to run the test suite is called MSpec and is very similar to RSpec 2.
Beyond Ruby
Start taking graphics on the web seriously and boost your applications' performance by learning the essentials about digital image formats.
When I started, I was super reluctant to speak up or mention things I’d noticed whereas now, I am a (possibly annoyingly) vocal person on our team. Here are the lessons I’ve learned that I hope will help others in a similar position.
Blast from the past

A simple example of how it can be easier to make a change by first refactoring the code to make the change easy.

We discuss different ways in which servers can improve processor utilization and how these different approaches affect application code. We show that fibers require minimal changes to existing application code and are thus a good approach for retrofitting existing systems.

Gem of the week
dry-effects is an implementation of algebraic effects in Ruby. Sound scary? Fear not! After a few examples, it'll feel very natural and compelling.