What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Why I Continue to Invest in Ruby
People have been telling me to get out of Ruby for years. It's often delivered as some sort of sage advice, as if the advice-giver has gazed into their crystal ball and is reporting back to me what they saw in 2025. Gee, thanks, dude.
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Our deployment process performs database changes about a minute before the related code changes go live. As the usage of our app continues to increase, even sub-second rename migrations bring down several in-flight requests.
Today we will focus on Amazon Rekognition which can help us with automatic moderation of uploaded images. By adding custom validation we can prevent uploading images which contain nudity, violence or other inappropriate content.
I want to explain why I switched to Minitest very early on in my career and never looked back and why I still think it's a superior choice for new applications.
Do you have an old Android phone? Sure you do!
Lessons from Sequel and Roda gems. 10 techniques extracted from Ruby Kaigi 2019‘s closing keynote.
Beyond Ruby
I've spent quite a bit of time obsessing over lights and camera, and I wanted to help you—new streamer, podcaster, new remote worker, or someone trying to level up their setup—see a few different types of option for your remote work or streaming setup.
My workflow usually involves squashing many commits into a single one. But sometimes, the workflow calls for the opposite action – splitting a single commit into many. This is how I do it.
Blast from the past
I recently helped a client with serious PostgreSQL problems. The client was having problems with one table in particular, containing about 25,000 rows — quite small, by modern database standards, and thus unlikely to cause problems.
This little article aims to give an introduction to the topic of attacking Ruby on Rails applications. It's neither complete nor dropping a 0 day. It's rather the authors attempt to accumulate the interesting attack paths and techniques in one write up.
Repository of the week
Painless Strategy Pattern in Ruby and Rails