What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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When distributed locks might be helpful in Ruby on Rails application
During this year I noticed 2 similar concurrency problems with my Ruby on Rails application and I solved them with distributed locks

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Naming things it's a hard task. Once you named something in the system, you want to follow this naming convention. Especially it's important if term comes from domain experts

One technique for doing classification is called K Nearest Neighbors or KNN. To use the algorithm you need to have some data that you’ve already classified correctly and a new data point that you wish to classify

At Gusto, we’ve been knee-deep in a substantial refactor of our system for running payrolls


Query Objects (also referred to as queries) is another pattern that helps in decomposing your fat ActiveRecord models and keeping your code both slim and readable

Having confidence in your application helps with the aid of great interation tests. For Rails, that means utilizing the Capybara gem for testing features from end-to-end

Beyond Ruby
In this post, we provide an overview of the general event sourcing pattern and how we applied it to some of these key use cases

Microservice philosophy favors decentralization in all aspects of software design. This focus on decentralization doesn’t just guide the organization of business logic. It also guides how data is persisted

Blast from the past
Nothing is more pleasing than beautiful code. And nothing is more heart-breaking than watching beautiful code get destroyed

Gem of the week
Timeouts for popular Ruby gems

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