What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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What is a month, really? Unpacking time definitions in Rails and the APIs that care about them
Spoiler alert: it’s Memcached!
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With this blog, I hope to give a clear set of instructions for adding Google OAuth2 login capabilities to a Rails application.

Make API payloads more generic with having data and meta fields for all API responses.

A Ruby hack to implement method overloading

Beyond Ruby
Explore how Prometheus query language can be used to help you diagnose incidents, detect performance regressions, tackle abuse, and more.
Incremental switchover might be called "the art of the path". At its simplest, given two points A, where we are, and Z, where we wish we were.
The open source Git project just released Git 2.28 with features and bug fixes from over 58 contributors, 13 of them new.
Blast from the past
Sidekiq was a great tool for async processing until it couldn't keep up. Here's how we made it scale.

Repository of the week
Rails integration for Rodauth authentication framework