What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Vim for Ruby and Rails in 2019
How to set up Vim for a productive Ruby And RoR workflow? In this article we will set up syntax highlighting, formatting and linting, ways to run tests and quickly jump between files, autocompletion with solargraph, snippets and more.
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In this post we’ll focus on ensuring that a user’s data is fully deleted, which is important for compliance with GDPR and other regulations, but is also just the right thing to do.
Rails 6 brings dig method to ActionDispatch::Request::Session similar to Hash#dig.
In production, you have to work with service crashes and auto restarts. Systemd can handle that for you.
Compared to normal MRI Ruby, Fullstaq Ruby uses 50% less memory, is faster, and is easier to install and security-patch because of RPM and DEB packages.
Beyond Ruby
In the words of Donald Kruth: "Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something, you can put beauty into it."
Frequent releases reduce risk” — this is something you hear all the time in conversations about Continuous Delivery. How exactly is this the case? It sounds counter-intuitive.
Blast from the past
Microservices surged in popularity in recent years and were touted as the end-all solution to all of the problems arising from monoliths. We chose to evolve Shopify into a modular monolith, meaning that we would keep all of the code in one codebase, but ensure that boundaries were defined and respected between different components.
Most "scaling" resources for Ruby apps are written by companies with hundreds of requests per second. What about scaling for the rest of us?
Gem of the week
🚀 Configurable plain Ruby 📨 email validator. Verify email via Regex, DNS and SMTP. Be sure tha ant email address is valid and exists.