What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Two Ruby apps, same code, different output
Debugging a weird Ruby string sorting issue with GDB.
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Learn how to apply a little forethought and discipline to provide your users a more informative and stable app experience.
I had to hear Docker explained about 48,766 times before I finally grasped why it’s useful. I’ll explain in my own words why I think Dockerizing my applications is something worth exploring.
Create unlogged tables to improve performance especially in test environments in Rails and PostgreSQL.
Ruby has added support for the find pattern in pattern matching.
In this tutorial, we are going to build a small webserver to work with WebSockets in Ruby. The server will handle incoming voice calls, WebSocket connections, and render HTML. 
Creating rails gems can be a hustle, at least for the first time. The process can be streamlined with just the right moves put together. Lets do it.
Beyond Ruby
The problem isn’t how to schedule tech debt, it’s making it clear what tech debt is. After that, when to resolve it should be obvious.
"If the person that understand your system best is the person who's been there the longest and not the person who's the best debugger or the person who's the most curious, it's a sign that your tooling sucks."
Blast from the past
Keep it simple.
We have open sourced an internal tool developed for eBaymag. It allowed us to spend three times less on Google Cloud Translation API. Learn the principle behind google_translate_diff gem and use it in your projects.
Repository of the week
Exploring how Sidekiq works to see how it connects to Redis and provides useful features for background job processing.