What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Triage with Me - 11 issues & 2 PRs in 1.5 hours
Contributing to open-source can be intimidating, especially when you’re getting started. In this post and video series, join me as I triage 11 issues on a repo that I didn’t create and don’t have much experience with.
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Have you ever tried to find a bug that only exists in staging, and no one knows why? That’s not nice at all.

In Rails 6.1 the Rails team decided to combine the two different tasks into a single task.
Packwerk is a Ruby gem used to enforce boundaries and modularize Rails applications.
TL;DR test descriptions should form full sentences!
This PR improves the performance of super calls. While working on some Rails optimizations jhawthorn discovered that super calls were slower than expected.
Beyond Ruby
The software industry loves young people, but old-timers serve an important purpose, too.
Have you ever worked on a team that felt like it was just stuck in a rut? Somehow things were always just one fix away from improving: the next project, the next quarter, the next hire, this would turn the situation around.
Blast from the past
  1. Do I really need this dependency at all? Kill it.
  2. Can I implement the required minimal functionality myself? Own it!
 I love speed. I especially love free and cheap speed. It’s just that I’m not willing to trade things that are of real, enduring value to get more of a nice-to-have once we’ve long since reached Good Enough. Things like programmer happiness, the eloquence of Ruby, and the productivity of Rails.
Repository of the week
An RSpec custom matcher to test code that logs information into log files.