What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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The Ruby VM and How Apps Break (Part 2)
I’ll be covering how Ruby’s Incremental Generational Garbage Collector works in MRI 2.4.2, and how it can break your app.

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Many people are using Docker as the means to have different Ruby versions or for any other language. I still think the added overhead both in resources usage and usability friction is simply not worth it. I highly recommend against it

Do you know how to order a burger?
If so, I have good news for you. Then you know how to use one of the most commonly used design patterns, strategy pattern!


After spending another day of work in one of our projects trying to fix local dependency issues, we’ve decided to finally move our Ruby on Rails app over to Docker. The process was almost no-brainer but we needed to fill gaps between our previous workflow and the new one

Like entropy, the performance of a Rails app will trend toward disorder. An N+1 database query here, a forgotten pagination implementation there, a missing index here, etc. This performance debt builds over time, and suddenly...we've got a slow app.

While Stripe may not be available everywhere or may not be everyone’s most cost-efficient card processor, I have found time and time again that their API and Dashboard are well thought out and “just work”

Beyond Ruby
This is advice that I have given to many novice developers, and that I would like to have been able to give to myself when I just getting started (though some of the advice refers to resources that didn’t exist then — alas)

You’re about to launch a new feature your team has spent weeks on. When you try to verify in staging, nothing works as expected. After digging into the problem, you discover that your feature relies on a service that another team recently deprecated

Blast from the past

I've been teaching a fair amount, which means I've been revisiting my 'class problems' regularly.  When I chose the problems, I thought that I understood them completely but now that I've worked them repeatedly I'm seeing new and surprising things.

Gem of the week
A Ruby implementation of an Event Store based on Active Record.

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