What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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The Limits of Copy-on-write: How Ruby Allocates Memory
Why Ruby's scheme for memory allocation doesn't play nicely with copy-on-write, and how a compacting garbage collector will help.

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In this first post, I would like to describe the differences between Processes, Threads, what the GIL is, EventMachine and Fibers in Ruby.

Whenever a ruby program is run, the program is first lexed into tokens, then the tokens are assembled into an abstract syntax tree, and finally the AST is compiled into virtual machine instructions


Tests are inseparable from the Ruby community: the vast majority of Rubyists — 94%, to be accurate — incorporate tests in their work

Here’s my set up for optimising Visual Studio Code for Ruby on Rails development.

Beyond Ruby

This is the most common architecture pattern in most of the enterprise level applications. This is also known as the n-tier pattern, assuming n number of tiers

As I meet with companies and clients, a question I get asked a lot is, “How is engineering management different from regular management?”

Blast from the past
The recent “Is TDD Dead?” hangout between DHH, Martin Fowler and Kent Beck has made the level of dissatisfaction about too much mocking and stubbing when writing automated tests pretty clear

Gem of the week
This gem sanitizes the given string.

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