What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Ruby Object Allocations
Your app is slow. It does not spark joy. This post will use memory allocation profiling tools to discover performance hotspots, even when they're coming from inside a library.
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Should you be concerned about Rails concerns?
Hey, Rubyists. Would love your feedback on precompiled native nokogiri on OSX. Installs in 1.1 seconds.

Puma 5 is a huge major release for the project. It brings several new experimental performance features, along with tons of bugfixes and features. Let's talk...

What we had an OOP language with NOTHING except classes and variables?

Just Another Ruby Debugger
Beyond Ruby
Over three years ago, Shopify founded a team to investigate how to make our Rails monoliths more modular. The goal was to help us scale towards ever increasing system capabilities and complexity by creating smaller, independent units of code we called components
I think there's a performance myth out there that sites should not use a CDN (content delivery network) for their "main" application domain - that is, the domain that serves your HTML or JSON responses.
Blast from the past

Solving these bugs often involves doing less, but thinking through them can be tricky.

  • Don’t comment the code.
  • Don’t use branches. Commit to master, push often, don’t break stuff.
  • No refactoring sprints. Always refactor.
  • Don’t send private messages. Use channels
Repository of the week
Fault-tolerance tools for ruby based on circuit-breakers.