What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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The Consul outage that never happened
When things go wrong on a large website, it can be fun to read the dramatic stories of high pressure incidents where nothing goes as planned. It makes for good reading. Every once in a while though, we get a success story. Every once in a while, things go exactly as planned.
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In this post I’ll show how to easily use Digital Ocean S3 compatible storage for Active Storage while taking advantage of Cloudflare’s free bandwidth.
Once you upgrade beyond hobby-sized postgres databases, fetching a backup becomes more confusing and complicated. Fear not, there's still an easy way to pull down a copy of your data without breaking production!
In this series of articles, my goal is to provide core concepts and explore more advanced features of the Capistrano deployment tool.
Samuel Williams explains the difference between concurrency and parallelism, the dangers of writing multi-threaded code, how languages like Node, Go, and Erlang safely handle parallelism, and how to build scalable systems safely.
Beyond Ruby

Exploratory testing is a vital tool to explore outside the boundary of even the best automated tests.

Stop wasting resources and get feedback from CI faster by configuring a pipeline that follows the test pyramid bottom-up.
A summary of the observability movement over the past three years.
Blast from the past
Three terms that I hear being misused often by IT professionals new to the industry are “fault tolerance”, “high availability”, and “disaster recovery”. Here are some pictures that can help.
Here are 8 of the most effective hand and wrist exercises with illustrations for computer users. Practice these routines daily to ward off carpal tunnel, RSI, and other debilitating ailments.
Gem of the week
A simple logger that does not log anything. It can be used for defining an interface for other loggers.