What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Technical Debt with Payment Processing
Joe Ferris, CTO at thoughtbot, gives a talk about technical debt in payments. This talk gives great insight into some things payments teams may want to avoid when planning payments flows.
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Keeping your counter caches in sync using nothing but database triggers.
Much, much better than none.
Sugarcoating is not gonna cut it. Here’s why learning Ruby on Rails can be actually hard for some of you & why developers start it anyway.
You won’t believe what happens when all the animals run away from the zoo.
Explore how to implement configurable modules in Ruby — a technique sometimes referred to as the Module Builder Pattern.
Beyond Ruby
Collaboration with a large team is challenging, and even more so if it’s on a single codebase, like the Shopify monolith. Shopify changes 40 times a day. We follow a trunk-based development workflow and merge around 400 commits to master daily.
You’re making morning drip coffee. You need to make 2 cups. Do you:
  • Put 1 cups worth of water in the boiler so the water boils sooner and the first cup is ready sooner or,
  • Put 2 cups worth of water in so both cups are done sooner?
Blast from the past
Software engineers generally have a reputation for being arrogant, disagreeable, and moody. We also have a reputation for saying “no”, for debating pedantic details, and thinking we know how to do everyone’s job better than they can. In general, this reputation is deserved.
Pairing is an essential tool for designers and developers. This is a checklist of what we think you should consider every time you pair.
Gem of the week
Intelligent search made easy with Rails and Elasticsearch.