What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Discover the best practices for end-to-end browser testing in Ruby on Rails: Ferrum instead of Selenium, CDP, Docker.
Rails 6.1 adds support for where with a comparison operator.
If you provide an API client that doesn't include rate limiting, you don't really have an API client. You've got an exception generator with a remote timer.
Ruby is a beautiful language. But the real magic lies in the details of the language.

Let's use some simple math and performance data to find our optimal worker count, based on the work waiting in the queue.
Beyond Ruby
Testing in production is a superpower. It’s our inability to acknowledge it that’s the trouble.

Let's talk about some whys and hows for that idea.

Blast from the past
Take a popular open-source project with a good test suite, delete a class, and re-implement the class using only the tests as a guide. Then, compare and contrast our implementation with the original!

Inspired by the strangler figs in Australia, a strangler fig application gradually draws behavior out of its host legacy application

Repository of the week
Soft deletes for ActiveRecord done right.