What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Strategies for transitioning your technical team to remote work

Explore strategies for effective communication and collaboration while your team is transitioning to remote work.

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We know that there are many challenges involved in a Rails upgrade project. Depending on how big your application is, how old your Rails version is and how well structured your code is, it can be difficult to perform that job and keep your sanity.
Learn how to implement Google Maps and the Google Places Autocomplete API in Rails compatible with Turbolinks using StimulusJS.

The world is changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.—Galadriel

It was supposed to be a very simple CLI app, 500 LOC maximum, and it was during this process that I learned first hand that the complexity of building software increases exponentially with time and added features.
I was looking at some answers on StackOverflow for the difference between Ruby’s self.method_name and class << self. I wasn’t satisfied with the answers.
Beyond Ruby
This post will be about reducing complexity in technical architecture. The effects of reducing complexity are numerous and varied. 
Being a highly reliable commute partner to our customers, we at Cityflo take all kinds of measures to ensure high accuracy and predictability of our vehicle tracking system. Showing incorrect arrival time to our users will heavily hamper the experience that our users expect from us.
PostGIS is a fantastic, battle-tested suite of GIS extensions for Postgres. It handles most aspects of it, and is widely used, for example in OpenStreetMap’s Mapnik. But for your project, it’s most likely overkill. In a Q and A fashion, let’s discuss reasons for (not) using it.
Blast from the past
Terrible code is not a good excuse to be mean, because terrible code is not well-correlated with having been written by terrible people.
Many Rails developers who are new to writing tests struggle with the question of what to write tests for and how. I’m about to share with you a repeatable formula that you can use to write an integration test for almost any Rails feature.
Repository of the week
The next open source file uploader for web browsers 🐶