What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Spring Cleaning: Tidying up your codebase
A practical checklist for tidying up your gems, pruning old git branches, removing unused views and routes, and cleaning up your database. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to cleaning!
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Find out how and why you should use a software design pattern named Facade.
Postgres has some sharp edges, and this article is about how we dealt with one such class of problems: schema migrations that leave the database unresponsive to routine queries.
In this article, I will take Action Mailbox for a spin and write a simple working Rails 6 app to demonstrate Action Mailbox in action.
As a maintainer of Puma, I hear a lot of fear about thread-safety. "Is it safe for me to switch to Puma?" "Is my app thread-safe?"
Ever since it was first released, the Bundler team has wanted to know more about the developers out there using our code. What versions of Ruby are still being actively used? What versions of RubyGems is it safe to stop supporting? Which operating systems should we focus on testing?
Beyond Ruby
I got a customer ticket the other day that said they weren’t worried about response time because “New Relic is showing our average response time to be sub 200ms".
A story on how we leveraged Hexagonal Architecture principles to be prepared for changes in the Netflix Studio ecosystem.
TL;DR You might not need to run multiple PostgreSQL versions if you are working on a single project. If you are working on many projects at once, it might save you from some nasty bugs!
Blast from the past
It’s not the bad times that wipe you out, it’s the bad decisions during bad times.
Here comes a tale on why you should never silence errors inside database transactions. Learn how to use transactions properly and what to do when using them is not an option. Spoiler: use PostgreSQL advisory locks!
Repository of the week
Are you satisfied with your full-stack browser tests? Me neither. Find out if Capybara or Cypress a better fit for your project in this screencast face-off!