What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Speeding Up Rendering Rails Pages with render_async

Adding new code to Rails controllers can slow your pages down. Find out how to make rendering your Rails pages faster.

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Typically you’ll find .PDF’s are pretty hard to work with unless you have the original file. However at Jobcrate, we have to analyze every single application and resume that comes our way.

Reading Ruby Code is an on going series on code reading that explores the ROM library. In this post we explore domain specific language (DSLs)

An introduction to the concept of design patterns in ruby world, with an overview of one of the most commonly used ones: the Template Method pattern.

I’ve made a post about Enforcing unique jobs in Karafka and Sidekiq for single resources. This approach is great, however, there’s a particular case in which Sidekiq Unique Jobs can block all of your Sidekiq workers except one.

Some time ago we needed to make a simple stress-testing of our application to get an idea of where we are going, and find out whether we should take a break and pay some attention to optimizations or not.

Integration tests are high-level tests meant to ensure that different parts of an app work together.

Beyond Ruby

Software engineers go crazy for the most ridiculous things. We like to think that we’re hyper-rational, but when we have to choose a technology, we end up in a kind of frenzy 

This article’s aim is to give you a very quick overview of how Kafka relates to queues, and why you would consider using it instead.

Blast from the past

A sure sign of my descent into senility is bitchin’ and moanin’ about “kids these days,” and how they won’t or can’t do anything hard any more.

Gem of the week
Sinatra app to monitor Redis servers.

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