What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Sorbet is finally available!
We’re excited to announce that Sorbet is now open source and you can try it today.
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A hitchhiker’s guide to developing GraphQL applications with Rails and Apollo, part 2.
Rails 6 added index_with on Enumerable module. This will help in creating a hash from an enumerator with default or fetched values.
Sam Saffron has been investigating Discourse test run times on different platforms. What strikes me most is the extra time on Macs — which many, many Rubyists use as their daily driver. So which bits are slow?
Understanding the difference between Processes and Threads in Ruby is crucial when configuring a web server.
Beyond Ruby
How you name variables, functions, classes, and how you organize and implement control logic determine a lot of the day to day nitty gritty of getting your brain dirty and confused.
Threaded programming is hard. Mysterious, non-deterministic bugs and other issues can haunt you. What can we do about this?
Blast from the past
Database load can be a silent performance killer. This post is about me finding and fixing that issue which resulted in a net 80% decrease in my database load.
A heuristic for how to classify objects in a software design.
Gem of the week
New Ruby distro for production environments. Less memory, faster, more secure, fully open source, based on MRI.